Workout of the Week: 30-Minute Strength Training Workout with Ingrid Clay

I DID NOT want to work out on Friday. The struggle was real getting moving, but I’d intentionally slept in workout clothes the night before to give myself an extra push to exercise in the morning. I queued up this recently posted video on PopSugar since I was in the mood to do a workout with weights and had enough time to do a 30-minute video. (Well, really, I had enough time to do a 20-minute video, but I’ll write about my time-management challenges in a different post. :D)

Ingrid Clay instructs this “30-Minute Strength Training Workout with Dumbbells.” She’s a trainer with Barry’s Bootcamp (which I’ve heard of) and a coach for MoveWith (which I hadn’t heard of but seems like a cool fitness app).

This workout was KILLER, ya heard??! SO. GOOD. It’s one of those workouts that made me feel like I really just did something. Like I could take on Mike Tyson in his heyday. Well, not really…but strong. I felt strong 🙂 Arms got burned up. Legs got burned up. Lungs got burned up.

Favorite workout of the week. Give it a try!

Side note: When writing up this post, I looked up Barry’s Bootcamp and there’s a location in D.C., making it feasible for me to check it out. Based on how much I liked Ingrid’s video, I’m tempted to give it a go. However, the price point is steep: $34 for a single class, a bit less per class if you purchase a package. The claim is that you’ll burn 1,000 calories in a class. For me, the question becomes “am I willing to pay $34 to burn 1,000 calories?” The answer: maybe. That is a premium price, but it could be a fun girls’ night (er, morning) activity. Some of my friends would be into this (holla at me, ladies!). We’ll see…

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