Cupcakes!! (Plus a Perfect “Stolen Moment” Meal)

As I’ve mentioned before, January is one of my favorites of the year (second only to December). After the decadence and celebration at year’s end, this month is the perfect foil to the holidays, all filled with resolutions, resets and commitments to health.

But I haven’t hit my healthy stride as usual … for all the best reasons.

Around mid-December, I start making a lot of early-January plans as a work around to my and my friends’ packed schedules. With the crazy busy holiday season, it’s great to have fun friend get-togethers on the calendar to look forward to after the holiday haze. The downside: all of a sudden, you get to the first of the year and realize you’re booked weeks out with the same amount of running around and indulging that you did during the holidays.

I also threw an engagement party for one of my very best friends, Ochieng, and his lovely fiance Danietta over the MLK Day weekend.

Cupcakes for the couple: Homemade chocolate, vanilla and sweet potato cupcakes with vanilla or cream cheese icing.

This happy occasion involved copious amounts of cupcakes (6 dozen that I cranked out in one 7-hour baking bonanza) and champagne. Between the baking, the planning and the actual hosting, I was one tired lady by the end of the long weekend.

But no rest for the weary. That post-holiday Tuesday, I headed down to a big work meeting in Durham, N.C. Though my full trip was just over 24 hours (and the flight a quick 45 minutes from Baltimore), the planning, packing and execution were a ton of work.

But as I dragged my tired tail to the Raleigh-Durham airport for a 7:45 p.m. flight home, I happened into the ACC American Cafe. Though you never know what you’ll get in airport restaurants, this one had an interesting menu (and an excellent wine list).

I ordered a “small plate,” but really, it was the perfect amount of food before my short flight back to BWI.

Shrimp, avocado, fennel, kale and arugula on toasted sourdough – this was exactly the fresh meal I needed.

Avocado on a piece of sourdough toast with grilled shrimp, fennel, red onion and tomato. A tropical-tasting treat that lived up to my expectations for North Carolina in the winter (even though the actual temperature – about 38 degrees during my stay – did not). The addition of a glass of Malbec made me a very happy girl.

I love moments like these when after a busy, hectic stretch, I get a quiet moment to enjoy a delicious meal and read a magazine – in this instance, it was Shape. Eating a fresh, healthy meal while reading articles about health and wellness – without any distraction from kids, coworkers and friends – reminded me that’s it’s always a good time to steal a “me-moment” to reset, course-correct and get back in my January-refresh mindset.

Cheers to getting the most from unplanned downtime in 2020!

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  1. The shrimp dish looks divine!


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