That Pescatarian Life

I eat a pescatarian diet, meaning I eat primarily plant-based plus I include fish and seafood. Going pescatarian has been a defining decision in my life in a lot of ways. I mean, the food you eat and cook and share says something about who you are and where you come from. The choices you…

We Survived Our Trip to the D.R. this Summer … and LOVED It.

The Dominican Republic – beautiful, tropical, the perfect place for a relaxing island getaway, right? Not if you’ve watched the news lately. At least 10 U.S. tourists have died in the D.R. since June 2018, some under mysterious circumstances with unknown causes of death. Such a tragic, surprising loss of life is shocking and sad….

Workout of the Week: 20-Minute Toned Belly and Arms Workout

Anyone who has a big annual event at work knows that the lead up to that event can be all-consuming. That is definitely the case each year at my job as we prepare for our annual meeting. This year was exceptionally crazy because at said meeting, we launched a new brand. Then, a month later,…

What to Drink When Booze Is Not on the Menu

I’m an adult who enjoys an adult beverage every now and again. But there have been times in my life – such as during my two pregnancies, healthy eating “resets,” a couple of times during Lent, etc. – where drinking alcohol has been off limits. With movements like #DryJanuary – where people eschew booze as…

New Leaf Challenge DONE

Well, I made my way through my 30-Day Clean Eating and Fitness Challenge. I definitely took some liberties and made some allowances. For example, there were a few nights where we ate processed foods – think veggie crumbles and taco shells on Taco Tuesday – in the interest of getting weeknight dinner on the table….