Workout of the Week: 30-Minute Full Body Toning Workout with Jake DuPree

One of the best things about PopSugar Fitness’s YouTube channel is that they’re always posting new workouts. It’s like the Forrest Gump of fitness channels – you never know what your gonna get when you click a new video. Many times, I’ve been in the mood for something slow and easy and end up doing something way more intense than I’d intended.

And that’s what happened today 🙂

I’ve done Jake DuPree’s workouts before – I’ve enjoyed his focus on Pilates and toning. He’s also got a great personality and had some fun one-liners throughout this workout. But those jokes were the ONLY thing that had me smiling.

This workout was TOUGH…way tougher than I was anticipating. In addition to a lot of exercises that used medium-weight dumbells (I used 5-pounders), he incorporated a ton of core-centric Pilates- and Barre-inspired moves. And, for all my Pilates lovers, he left the “hundred” until the very end. Brutal!!

All this aside, it was one of those workouts that made me feel like I was wearing a girdle the rest of the day. My whole mid-section felt tight and energized and I’m still standing taller…12 hours later.

Though it was a challenge, I was happy that I’d been “tricked” into taking it up a notch. Take my advice and press play. You’ll probably be happy that you did 😉

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