Workout of the Week: 30-Minute Caribbean Dance with Selena Watkins

This was, by far, the most-fun workout I did this week! During this workout, I absolutely did the best whining (wining? sp?) – a type of Caribbean dance – I’ve ever done in my life. Seriously. All I kept wishing was that I’d known the mechanics of these dances back in my going-to-the-club hey day (late ’90s/early ’00s). These moves would’ve come in handy at that inevitable time every club night when the music switched to dance hall and the floor got jammed packed. If I’d known these moves, I’d have definitely stolen the show AND had really toned abs, to boot. I digress…

Some dance workouts are fun, but don’t have you working up a good sweat. That is not the case here. Fitness trainer Selena Watkins delivers great choreography sequences that challenge your coordination and your heart rate with her “Socanomics” style. The workout left me feeling toned and sweaty – I looked like I’d just left a dance hall! – and I’ve been singing Patra’s “Queen of the Pack” to myself ever since.

Patra’s “Queen of the Pack” (Many excellent examples of whining/wining to be seen here!)

A great workout to kick off a summer weekend. Give it a try!

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