Wedding Flowers…YAAASSS!

A box of bouquets

Flowers are among my favorite things. I pick up grocery store or farmers market blooms whenever the opportunity presents. Every now and again, I wind up with multiple bouquets carefully place around the house…and I am a happy girl.

So, when my best friend asked me to handle the flowers for her wedding, I was thrilled. The wedding was just two short months away. We quickly started to discuss what she liked, the colors she was considering, etc. She didn’t really have strong opinions on the flower arrangements, but she knew the color scheme would involve blue and white with pops of yellow and gold.

Enter 50 Flowers, the fun wholesale flower website that I used for my wedding flowers. Obviously, there’s not many occasions when I need to order flowers in bulk, but when I do, it’s heavenly 😍😍😍

Before I describe this process, please note, once again, how much I love flowers. What you might say to yourself, “this sounds insane/like a bummer/(insert any not-fun activity you can think of).” But, please trust, I was enjoying myself πŸ™‚

First, we unpacked all of the flower boxes.
Unpacked!! This was the full flower order once all blooms were unpacked, greenery (below the water line) removed and stems cut.

For just under $600, we got 100 roses (cream and red-tipped yellow), 150 carnations (cream), 8 bunches of yellow spray roses, 10 stems of white spray roses, 5 bunches of airbrushed gold baby’s breath (these stole the show), 12 stems of white pompoms and LOTS of greenery (8 grower’s bunches of myrtle – which smelled soooo good when cut and added to bouquets – and 5 bunches of lily grass). I also picked up 4 stems of blue hydrangeas from the grocery store as a just in case. Despite having oodles of flowers, it just never seems like enough!

The flowers arrived in six cardboard boxes. My friend Sara helped me for an hour and a half, and I spent most of Thursday night, after my kids went to bed, stripping leaves, cutting stems and getting the flowers into water for two full days of rehydration.

One of two sweetheart table bouquets (at my house, not at the venue :))

The day before the wedding, I worked with my friend’s sister and aunt to assemble one bridal bouquet, seven bridesmaids bouquets, 12 boutonnieres 14 large centerpieces and 20 smaller ones (for cocktail, coffee and lounge tables). The ceremony and reception were held at the newly renovated Maryland Jockey Club. The reception room, which recently underwent a major remodel and boasts a well-curated equestrian theme – was really well dressed on its own. We realized that any flowers that we brought in would further accentuate the handsome venue. The greenery did a lot to harmonize the bright and vibrant flowers with the masculine decor. 

Though we had many arrangements, we found a place for every single one in the reception room. The room was beautiful and the bride was thrilled that she got the flower arrangements of her dreams at a fraction of the price. #Winning

The bride with her bouquet of roses, gold baby’s breath and myrtle. 

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