Favorite Workout of the Week: Super Tabata with Ranier Pollard

I managed to squeeze in a few PopSugar Fitness morning workouts this week. The one that was the most fun was this 30-minute “super Tabata” workout with Ranier Pollard. Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training – or HIIT – that revolves around bursts of all out hard work followed by a short rest. In this super Tabata workout, some of the high-intensity intervals are twice as long (e.g., 40 seconds instead of 20).

An intense workout for sure, but Ranier keeps you smiling and working hard.

It’s a fast-moving routine and Ranier coaxes you into working a little harder than you planned. As a bonus, this guy’s a RIOT. I was doing the workout thinking “This guy should be a comedian!” So I guess I wasn’t too surprised when Googling him for this post, I found he is already, in fact, a comedian. He’s got a website (Fit-N-Funny) with some great features. For example, he’s the Guinness World Record Holder for doing the most burpees in heels. #LoveThisGuy!!

Nice work, Ranier. Multifaceted, humorous and motivating: You had my favorite workout of the week (and you’re a super interesting guy, too!).

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